Instrumental band "con Amore"

Rivne, Ukraine

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A History of the music band “Con Amore” starts from the friendship of three violinists: Olga, Julia and Lilia. At the end of 2015 this friendship has transformed into the band’s rehearsals. Kate, friend of Olga, has joined the band and since the February 2016 the band (that time without name) started to participate in amateur and volunteer activities and harmoniously flew into the rhythm of life of the church Peter and Paul in Rivne.

At the beginning of summer, 2016 Con Amore (already with the name) starts to cooperate with Palace of Culture in Rivne.

Time is passing away and we are being change. That is the reason why after the year of co work, Kate leaves the band and begins career of pianist.

Anyway, the changes were positive and soon two young musicians, Daniel (cello) and Ruth (violin) joined the band. A number of band’s participants is quite small which makes it compact. In summer time Con Amore plays at the open stages and its main benefit is the wide circle of listeners. That’s why band’s repertoire is consisted of compositions of popular composers (Jenkins, Zimmer, Badelt, Price, Arnold, Mansel).

Our listeners are often wondering “Why con Amore? ”. That’s because from Italian it is translated as “with love”. This idea has appeared at the mind of our main inspiration – Olga Bortnik.
With love to the God, to You and to the music.